Things To Do

  • Molly Springs

    Molly Springs is a gorgeous little spring fed pool and waterfall about 30km from Kununurra (towards Wyndham). Emphasis should be placed on little here; the pool is only a few metres across so a little cosy sometimes! It is however a lovely shady place to sit in the water and watch the fish, goannas and birds.

    This little Kununurra waterfall is very popular with the locals and its available to access all year round.

  • Black Rock Falls

    During the wet season after heavy rains, this area shows off its brilliant waterfall making for excellent swimming and picnicking. Access is by 4WD only, taking the turn off about 10km out of Kununurra, on the highway to Wyndham. Caution if creeks are flowing after rain. This road may be closed during the wet season.

    Shhhhh.... the locals love this place!

  • Lake Kununurra

    The lake was formed after the completion of the Diversion Dam. It harbours a large variety of flora and fauna, contains wetland areas and provides a water frontage to the town, many small farms and tourist developments. It is also used extensively for sailing, rowing and skiing, supports several tour boat operations and is the landing field for float planes.

  • Kununurra Museum

    Visit the museum to see some fascinating history, documenting the Ord Irrigation Project, the fossil record of the region, and many other aspects of our regional history.